Upcycled Earbud Cases

Now a days you can see that kids love to use earbuds and almost every one of them has their own. Keeping the earbuds clean and safe it is important to have an earbud case. For this many parents and even kids are looking for upcycled earbud cases. The reason is that this way they can make a personalized case as well as create a fun activity at home. If you are one of those who are looking to make one, then you have to do some research online as well.

This is important because this way you will be able to find the required list of material to be used as well as the guiding instructions. If you do not follow the instructions then you may have to face the complications after starting.

First of all you are required to have a mint container for making upcycled earbud cases. You just have to remove the sticker from the container and clean it properly for any dust or other impurity. After this you are required to have a paper from scrapbook. You have to cut that paper in a shape of mint container top. After this you need glue to paste this paper cutting on the top of the container. In case if you want your container to be decorated from both sides then you should cut two papers from the scrap book and paste on both sides. After this to make it more colorful and interesting you can put the name of your child with different color paints. This will not only provide identity to the upcycled earbud cases but also have a personalized feeling. Now your child earbud case is ready to be used.
This is one simple idea about how to make upcycled earbud cases at home and that too within fifteen minutes.

Following these steps you can easily make the earbud cases from different material that is available in your home. It is not only help you in saving money that you have to spend for purchasing these cases but also your precious time that you have to go to market. Moreover it will give a completely different pleasure that you are making a personalized item for your child that can give him a happy feeling too. So what are you waiting for, just find the item that has to be upcycled and start your project. Good luck!