Repurposed Golf Balls

You must have seen that now a day there is almost everything that can be repurposed. So have you ever thought of repurposing the golf balls? Yes the golf balls! There are many places where you can use the repurposed golf balls. The only thing is that you must have to be sure that the idea that you are going to implement is workable or not? There are also many DIY ideas that you can use with golf balls. Some of those are as follows:

  1. You can use these golf balls in your garden. The only thing that you have to do is to pick lots of golf balls from the golf course. After this you have to color these repurposed golf balls in different vibrant colors and place these at the edge of vegetable boxes, flower beds or foot paths in your garden.
  2. Another advantage that you can take from the golf balls in your garden is that you can use these at the bottom of the plant pots. This will not only provide you with excellent drainage but also reduce your worries regarding root rot.
  3. You can also use these golf balls as a gift. You can gift these balls to your sports loving friends. These can be used on the gift boxes or on the photo frames.
  4. You can also use these repurposed golf balls as homemade ornaments. You can color these golf balls in different colors to give a party look. Other than this you can also make a snowman by combining three golf balls together. This will surely look great to welcome your friends and family for a party.
  5. One more thing that you can do with the golf balls is that you can use these as weight for your tablecloth for a perfect picnic party. This will save your food and party to be ruined by unwanted fast blown wind.
  6. Last but not the least advantage of these repurposed golf balls is that you can pass these to kids who can play with theses and use these as animal tutorials like, an ant, ladybug or a dog.

So these are some of the important usages of repurposed golf balls. I hope that after reading all these you must not throw any golf ball away and will use these for decorations and ornaments in your garden as well as interior. Thanks for reading.