Repurposed Carriage Wheels

When it comes to repurposing anything then there are many choices that we can make. There is almost everything that can be repurposed. The only thing that is required is to use your imagination to create a new usage from the old one. Similarly we can find a lot of ideas for repurposed carriage wheels. This is one thing that can easily be used at almost everywhere, from your garden to interior decoration. The only thing to consider while using such decoration is the theme of the garden or house where you are going to use such decorations. This wheel decoration has a different charm altogether which you may not find in many other decoration items. If you have some ideas in your mind regarding the usage of carriage wheel then it`s great but if you don`t then you can find the ideas here.

If you are having a contemporary home where you are looking to install a window, why not to go for a repurposed carriage wheels? These can serve your purpose very well for a window. These are also one of those items which will never be out of style and fashion. So you should not worry about the style statement as well. Other than the window option you can just use it as a frame for family photo and hang it on the main living room. One more option for you is to make a table from the carriage wheel. This is a simple but a fantastic idea. You will not find a lot of table made by the carriage wheels. This will be a new decoration cum utility to your house and will be loved by your friends and family members. Other than this you can also use these wheels in garden as planter holder or even for direct plantation of flowers and small plants. You can paint the repurposed carriage wheels in different colors to give a finishing look.

One more option that you can have with repurposed carriage wheels is to make it a wall clock. This will also be a innovative idea that can not only decorate your wall but also gives a different look. Other than these above mentioned ideas you can also go for any other that you feel good for yourself and fit your home decorations. So next time when you have a spare carriage wheel don`t throw it away, but try to use it as home decoration.