Diy towel storage ideas

One thing that most of us has common is that we all are running out of space when it comes to keeping our towels in a perfect manner. We may put these anywhere around but cannot be able to find a suitable place. This becomes even difficult when we are looking for bathroom towel storage places. So here are some of the DIY towel storage ideas that you can apply for your bathroom. By using these ideas you can easily be able to organize the towels in the best possible way.

First thing that you can do is to use the space below the sink. Here you can have a contemporary wooden rack where you can roll in your bathroom towels. Another one of DIY towel storage ideas is to use vertical space that is available in bathroom. Here you can use vertical bookshelf and place your towels in it. You can also go for wine rack, as you can easily put up lots of towels by rolling in. This idea can also provide you a decorative option as you can choose the towels of different colors and put these altogether to have a different look.

One more option that is also very common is to use the baskets. You can use the basket of large size where you can place your bath towels. When you are looking for DIY towel storage ideas is to use the some repurposed rustic furniture in your modern bathroom. This will give a great contrasting look and offer you a lot of space for towels to be hung up. One more way the baskets can be used is to hang these baskets vertically over the bath tub or toilet or toilet seat and use these as storage space for towels.

You can go for any of those ideas as well as many others. You just have to be creative and you can come up with any of the better ideas but in case if you are looking for some quick fix then it is better to check some DIY towel storage ideas online. There are many websites that can provide with some amazing ideas. So by analyzing your requirements of space and expenditure you will be able to select the best possible choice. Therefore make some good online search before making any final decision. It is better to be careful than to regret.