DIY Ice cream Stick Idea

Human mind is very strong and imaginative, we just have to put our minds on something and there come a lot of different ideas which we can make some beautiful creations out of something which we feel not very useful. Same way if you have some ice cream sticks than you can make a lot of different things from them by applying your mind. There are many DIY ice cream stick ideas which you can execute. You can make different cool items and decorations for your rooms. You can use these items as gifts to your friends and family members as well. Some of the DIY ice cream stick ideas that you can make are as follow.

You can get the sticks in bundle from any ice cream store or can save your own purchased ice cream. You just have to put these sticks together to make a jewellery box. To make it look colorful you can color these sticks in various colors according to your liking. You have to glue the sticks at the end to make firm connection. Likewise you can also make a basket from these ice cream sticks or a money house. The structure of these decorations is complex so be sure that you will read proper instructions from online websites.

Another DIY ice cream stick idea is to make a photo frame. Important thing in this is to collect the ice cream sticks in neat and clean shape and size. So that the picture frames that you are making will look great. You can also cut some sides of these sticks to combine ends. Other than this you can also paint these sticks to provide a great different look. You can also keep these simple as it also looks great.

One more DIY ice cream stick idea is to make gift box. You can combine these ice cream sticks with each other with glue and tie ribbons at the end to give a different look. This way you can easily be able to gift your friends and family members in an economical manner and also that can make them feel happier because of the efforts that you have put in for the gift. So do not waste any more time and start making gift boxes to make them feel special with your love and affection while making gift boxes. Good luck!